Perfect By Kady Hunt Review




4 Stars


Received an Arc for honest review.

Holden Denvers, is a trust fund bad boy, A week away in Vegas with his friends turns into a drug-induced hook up, Fights amongst friends and sex with his married lover!! Holden is a douche, a complete and utter douche!! He’s rude and thinks he’s the man..

Jamie Crawford, A twenty year old virgin is in Vegas with her co-Worker who could be her Boyfriend if she lets him! She’s a shy doormat.. she was nice and a great character, she just didn’t stand out!!

I loved how much Holden changed, he really stepped up and became a man, still Rude, but perfectly acceptable rudeness, As for Jamie her character didn’t really evolve throughout the novel,
The side characters were very intriguing, I’m really hoping Sebastian gets his own book,
Daniel was a character that grated on me, maybe because I couldn’t quite work him out!!

Love the psychotic Mrs Danvers, she was a true twist!!

I loved all the twists and turns this book had, I’m currently suffering from a mind F**k!! this book seriously blew my mind!! I’m Confused and intrigued how Broken is going to play out!

I’m hoping book 2 helps all the unresolved questions I have.. But Defiantly would recommend this book to everyone who loves a good twist!!


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