5 stars!

Meet Roman Anthes, my latest book boyfriend obsession! Or, more accurately, darkly delicious Dom! And if early buzz for this book is any indication, I may have to share him! Roman is every reader’s forbidden fantasy…a devastatingly handsome, powerfully commanding, fiercely possessive Miami Kingpin who harbors taboo desires and demands complete obedience. In business and pleasure. Women flock to him and eagerly do his bidding.

All except one.

When Roman’s lackeys inform him that saucy stripper, Ana Stevens, was caught poking around his nightclub on the low rent side of town, asking questions in the hope of tracking down her missing brother, he sees red. Any undue attention by the cops could jeopardize the deal he’s trying to broker with the Russian mob. Therefore, a face-to-face meeting with the nosy dancer was in order because she clearly had no idea what trouble she’d just landed herself into. He was prepared to lay down the law, but nothing prepared him for the electric charge that shot through him when his eyes locked on hers. It was pure, primal lust at first sight, and he wanted her with a ferocity that took them both by storm. And although she resisted at first, what Roman wanted, Roman got.

He immediately stakes his claim on the blond haired vixen, (giving her little choice in the matter!) and laid out the terms of their mutually satisfying arrangement.

“I’m going to tell you exactly what I want from you, Ana. I want your body. Willingly offered to me anytime and anyway I want it. I want you submitting to me. I want your trust that no matter what I ask, you’ll do it, because you know that when it comes down to it, you will love where I take you. I want—”

“Complete control,” she whispers.

And in return for surrendering her delectable body to him, he would lavish her with pleasure beyond her wildest dreams. As an added bonus, he promised to use every resource at his disposal to help her find her missing brother, a good for nothing drug addict who had been on a dangerously downward spiral for years. Initially he just wanted her as a toy, a temporary plaything to indulge his hedonistic desires until he grew bored with her like all the others. But this one was different than the rest. With her sweetly submissive nature and effervescent spirit, she got to him like no other. Surprised him at every turn. Before long she became his all-consuming obsession.

“You’re mine, Ana. I’m never letting you go. MINE.”

But it soon becomes much more than mere game of domination and submission. As he slowly falls under her bewitching spell and they embark on a titillating game of cat and mouse, it becomes unclear who was playing whom. Could this beautiful spitfire be the one woman who makes him lose sight of the grand prize, causing his house of cards to come tumbling down?

Wow…what a book! UNJUSTIFIED DEMANDS Blew. Me. Away! Although it is the second installment in the Filthy Florida Alpha series about ruthless, controlling men who are brought to their knees by love, this is the first book by Baylee Rose I have ever read. And it most certainly won’t be my last. It is the type of story that grabs hold of you from the very first page, and is so electric and wildly addictive that you lose yourself in it and never want to be found.

The sex scenes are so torrid, the chemistry between Roman and Ana so smoldering hot, that delicious shivers would race up and down my spine every time he purred “Pet” in that seductively silken voice. And my poor heart would nearly burst out of my chest every time Ana would gaze so trustingly up at him as he imprisoned her his big, powerful arms! It was just such a visceral experience reading this novel and I couldn’t get enough of these fire cracker characters.

Roman is man of fascinating complexity. Yes, he is dark and ruthless, Miami’s most notorious kingpin who lives by his own dangerous code, but as the plot slowly unravels, it becomes abundantly clear that there is good and evil in all of us that “sometimes the bad guys aren’t all that bad, and the good guys can be rotten to the core.” And I Ioved him fiercely!! Roman is not only strong and commanding, with his unrelenting need to conquer and possess, to brand her from the inside out, yet he’s fiercely protective and sweet and tender too. A swoonworthy mix. He may have not planned on keeping one woman forever but she calls to the elemental warrior in him.

“I’ve claimed you and I will protect you from everything, including myself. Nothing will touch you.”

But despite his almighty presence, he’s finally met his match in his beautiful sub, the one woman who twisted him up in knots and had the power to not only calm the beast raging in side, but the ability to make him lose control.

As for Ana, I adored her! She was my dream heroine. Sweet and savvy with a beautiful heart radiating kindness. She was motivated by love and loyalty, and though her actions might seem skewed at times, she had an aching vulnerability that made her so endearing. To the hero and this reader. This is woman who is in deep turmoil, who carries a ton of emotional baggage around. Her life was steeped in responsibility and stress, and always took it upon herself to take care of her family. But with Roman, a man who demands her complete surrender for the first time in her life, he lifts the burden from her shoulders, helps her discover what it means to be truly pampered and cherished.

They are bound together in ways neither could imagine and despite the secrets and deceptions that threatened to destroy them, they couldn’t deny the powerful lure of one another. But it’s a toss of the dice whether they will be caught up in the dangerous chaos swirling around them, or whether they have the strength and resilience to save each other….

Ms. Rose, an exceptionally talented author, did a brilliant job devising this riveting plot. It is chock full of many, many unexpected twists and turns. In fact one big bombshell is revealed early—a game changer–that I never saw coming! As the mystery unfolds, the mounting tension becomes so palpable my heart was in my throat and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough! Yet at the same time, I resisted the temptation because this book is so enthralling, I wanted to savor each and every beautifully crafted word, absorb each delicious drop of breathtaking romance, unbridled lust and pulse pounding suspense.

And savor I did. The book was virtually flawless. The only thing that perhaps would have made it a tiny bit better would have been if the author had shed some light into Roman’s past, so we had insight into what made him into the formidable man he was today. But I will acknowledge that the fact that he remained an enigma certainly did add to his mysterious allure. Now when all is said and done, I am left with a big satiated smile on my face, as well as a major book hangover to nurse while I anxiously await the next Filthy Florida Alphas romance to go live!


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