Review- Pressing Adalyn by Jenn Hype

My Review

Solid 5 star read! 

This book was one of those that you’re not sure if you want to hurry to the end to see what happens or slow down so you can savor every word you read! We get a tale of overcoming hurt from the past and moving forward to a brighter future. 

The one thing that makes this book amazing is how we get a hero that’s so different then most we read today. I won’t go into too much detail because it can ruin the fun in it, but Ian is one of those Heroes that you wish was all yours! He is everything you want in a man and so much more!!!! The man he hides under his suit is one that will make you swoon and smile.

Adalyn was a feisty thing! She was stubborn, but at the same time she was so strong because of her past, she overcame things that would break the strongest woman! That being said it was easy to dislike her at times but by the end of this book you will love her and want her and Ian over for dinner! 

The plot was strong and heart breaking. I laughed and cried while turning the pages of this journey. Parts threw me for a loop and parts made tears form. This book has such a range of emotions your not sure what will happen next. 

The author touches on a subject that may be hard for some readers. The way she did it, was a way that I feel, people will respect and admire. 

Being Jenn’s first book she knocked it out of the park! You will wonder why you haven’t read this book before now. I’ve already started book 2 and I’m loving it just as much! 

Overall this book had a strong plot and characters that you wish were your friends! Check it out! You won’t be sorry! —-> Amazon



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