5 Stars!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Sighhhhh!!!! There are certain books you read that are so remarkable, touch you so profoundly, leave such a permanent imprint on your heart and soul that you want to exalt about it from the rooftops. Reread over and over again so you can revel in its AWESOMENESS! Well…A Stone in the Sea (Bleeding Stars, book 1 ) is one of those books!

I feel all sorts of warm, gushy, euphoric feelings about this novel, I am beside myself . Not even sure where to begin. But first…a confession. I am late to the game. A bunch of my book buddies have been raving about this series for a while, imploring me to “just read this book already !!” but I kept blowing them off because I was not familiar with this author’s work and had so many others books ahead of it on my massive TBR list. Well, I finally did cave and OMG…now I am kicking myself, lamenting: “Why oh why did I wait so long to dive in?”

First and foremost, the writing is just mesmerizing! A.L. Jackson’s narrative voice is so beautiful and poetic, and pulsating with such powerful, aching emotion it left me speechless…and utterly spellbound!! And Baz…no words! A direct quote from one of my Aussie Book Besties: “I want to marry Sebastian Stone!” Well, honey, you better wait in line because he is the ultimate book boyfriend…a, smokin’ hot, deliciously broody rocker with a TORTURED soul! I mean…come on!! I couldn’t have dreamed up a more perfect hero. Baz is 100% alpha male….he practically oozes testosterone and potent sex appeal! But beneath the uber-macho veneer is a terribly conflicted young musician whose meteoric rise to fame as lead singer of the Sunder rock band came at the ultimate cost. Too say Baz is complicated would be an understatement. He is angry, volatile, fiercely loyal, kind, noble, drowning in self hatred, regret and self recrimination. Everyone wanted a piece of Sebastian Stone and all HE wanted was be left the heck alone. To stay out the limelight. Regroup. Figure out his next move.

Now with his life on the verge of spiraling dangerously out of control, he needs to hole up in Savannah, GA with his baby brother and bandmates for a short spell. Quiet and sanctuary were what he sought, but his plans for keeping to himself in a corner booth at Charlie’s bar take a nosedive when he catches the eye of stunning small town waitress Shea Bentley.

“Sweet caramel eyes flitted through my mind. Long, long legs. Killer body with a cautious heart. Dark. Light. Heavy. Soft.

Haunted by heavy burdens of her own, the sweet , shy, achingly vulnerable southern belle arouses a primal, elemental need in him. To claim! To ravish! To protect! To possess! With every fiber of his being, he longs to be SEEN by Shea, the one and only girl who has ever infiltrated his steely defenses and brought hope and beauty into his tainted, brutally harsh world. And, in return, he is desperate to see her as well. The real women who tries to camouflage a raging storm of hurt behind her sweet, sunny demeanor and charming smiles.

“Shea had become the only thing I wanted, this untouchable girl the only thing I craved. I was itching to get lost in caramel eyes and to swim in honey skin. To be blinded by her light while she drowned me in her sea of dark.”

Their attraction is electric, intoxicating, utterly undeniable. But she is wholesome and pure and there is no place for her quiet, assuming beauty and beguiling innocence in his loud, chaotic, toxic world.

Their love is an impossible dream. Or is it? Sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants and there is no fighting fate. Or destiny. But will their long awaited happiness prove to be their ultimate downfall?

Sweet heavens…the things this book did to me!. The tangle of heart twisting, soul deep, wrenching emotions it stirred up were beyond words. I felt such a magnetic pull to these protagonists that my chest physically ached the entire time I was reading. A master at her craft, A.L. Jackson evoked such a raw, visceral response with her breathtaking prose and achingly real characterizations that I felt Every Single Thing that Baz and Shea were experiencing. The agony, the ecstasy, “the flashes of fear…the shivers of pleasure “…all of it!…and was irresistibly swept up in a riptide of hot, searing, quivering emotion.

“Sebastian was never gentle. But I could feel something inside him had slipped. Tripped. As if he’d sat out here alone, and during those passing hours he’d wondered if he’d ever get to touch me again and, now that he was, he was taking everything he could while he had the chance.

Frenzied, his thumbs raced along where we were joined. Something about it felt intimate and raw and honest, and I was falling further, being sucked beneath the surface.

A stone in his sea.

Completely drowning in this man.”

This is just one mere example of the sheer magnificence of A.L. Jackson’s writing prowess …the magnitude of feverish passion this book inspires in me. In ALL her adoring fans!!

The plot is provocative, brilliantly crafted, flows flawlessly, and is fraught with such tension and bristling intensity it left me in a perpetual state of breathless anticipation. Bottom line? There is just so munch exquisite beauty and blazing chemistry and astonishing twists and turns to behold in this enthralling romance, and I don’t want to spoil any of it. So I will keep mum about the specifics. But I will leave it at this: If you are looking for an epic love story churning with heartbreak and exquisite tenderness, angst and passion, soul shattering tragedy and bittersweet triumph…a romance that will completely consume you, heart and soul, and drown you in such intoxicating feels you won’t ever want to come up for air…One Click now! But fair warning it ends in a jaw dropping cliffy that will leave you REELING, so unless you want to risk a nervous breakdown, plan on to immediately submerging yourself in the sequel, Drowning to Breathe.

So thank you, A.L. Jackson, for rocking my world! Soul crushing heartbreak never felt quite so good!!!




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