Review – Tethered Bond By Emma Hart



5 Stars

“HOT WENCH”…. Ah Gio….


Drake, Noelle, Nonn and Holly Wood… ahhh finally gotten my fix!! Yep the Holly Wood Files Series is an addiction!!!

Just like the Previous 2 books this has some Major hotness. extreme attraction and the funniest things to come out of a parrot’s mouth ever!

The killings in this book is more darker but that added more depth to the story as we got into Noelle’s head as she worried about these killings… as she may become a target…

Drake… Can I have him?? I freaking love this man… He was so ultra sweet in this one… Although he had a lot going on, trying to solve the case… keep Noelle safe and deal with his EX..

Absolutley hated his ex… UGH shame someone didn’t kill her…

Noelle and Drakes relationship has changed a bit… Noelle tries not to freak!!

We also find out about Noelle’s past… My heart broke for her…

The Family Dynamic yet again was on point… The Banter is so funny.

I couldn’t stop laughing at Gio..

Really these books are so amazing I look forward to the next one!!


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