Review – Twisted Bond By Emma Hart




5 Stars


Can I Be Noelle Bond when I grow up??

This book is a breath of fresh air.. its everything I love rolled up into one awesome book!!
The simmering attraction, The hunky police detective, The sassy Italian P.I… add in a gun shot wound caused by the heroine, and a killer on the loose and its a pure classic!!

The suspense kept me guessing until the end, usually whilst reading these i know who the killer is at least halfway into the book, but with Twisted bond i don’t think i would have guessed in a million years.. It was cleverly written where there could have been a numerous amount of characters who could have been the killer..

I love the relationship Noelle Has with her family, it’s a typical family dynamic and so funny.

Noelle and Drakes Relationship is freaking amazing i love how they deny there attraction yet it’s so obvious to see…

Nonna!!! That is all that needs to be said…

Loved this book and excited to read the rest of the series..

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