⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 Deliciously Decadent Stars!

Sigh…fairytale dreams really do come true.

DECADENT KNIGHTS, an Impossible series short story featuring Smith, my #1 Book Dom, and Lydia, his sweet, gentle-natured sub, was a sinful sundae of pure sumptuous delight! I fell head over heels in love with Smith and Lydia in KNIGHT (Impossible book 4)—a breathtaking, tension-fraught romantic suspense story about a severely traumatized former sex slave who is rescued from brutal captivity and finds true physical and spiritual healing in the arms of a valiant new master.

This follow-up story is set two years after she is saved. Lydia, who is now blissfully in love with Smith and enrolled in art school, is trying her best to put her nightmarish ordeal behind her. But although she is no longer the empty shell of a woman she once was—“Abducted. Drugged. Broken. A plaything, a possession”–she is still haunted by her nightmarish past and suffers from a poor body image due to “hideous” physical scars inflicted by her cruel masters. However, never fear…in swoops the devastatingly handsome Agent Smith to the rescue! The chivalrous, silver-eyed Dom, who is deeply devoted to his precious sub, proves his mettle as her knight in black leathered armor once again. Determined to help Lydia overcome her crippling sexual inhibitions, Smith takes his emotionally-fragile paramour under his gentle command at the Decadence BDSM Club for a fantasy-filled night of dark, decadent pleasure!

Fans of the USA Today bestselling Impossible series by Julia Sykes will relish every majestic moment of this foray into unbridled pleasure. I wish I could adequately put into words how blissfully romantic, empowering, and exquisitely sensual, this short story was. How deeply moved I was while devouring it. Lydia and Smith’s love story has always resonated with me because it puts a unique BDSM twist on a timeless tale of hope and salvation…of spiritual rejuvenation, of fusing together two broken hearts and splintered souls. Starkly hypnotic in tone and style, DECADENT KNIGHTS literally took my breath away. I was transfixed, savoring each and every beautifully crafted nuance! Every hot, sexy, soul-branding caress. Every gruffly tender command. Smith’s gentless, tempered with his ironclad ownership of her heart, body and soul, was so achingly beautiful and quietly profound it brought tears to my eyes.

Although I am not always a fan of ménage à tois, Ms. Sykes, a gifted writer with a vibrant, gorgeously crafted writing style, always masterfully stages these scenes so they are exquisitely refined and breathtakingly sensual, never raunchy or tasteless, and she surpassed every expectation when Smith solicits the help of his good friend Dex to take part in a hot, torrid three-way with his beloved Lydia. Still reeling over a past heartbreak, the big, blond-haired, blue-eyed Dom is more than happy to help his good pal Smith out in a deliciously kinky scene, to prove to Lydia how beautiful and desirable she truly is..inside and out. Smith had vowed long ago to protect her and cherish her and respect her choices, but he simply cannot allow her to hide her body in shame. Instead, Lydia’s kind-hearted Master commands her to strip herself bare, literally and figuratively, to help her take back control of her life—and her sexuality– and embrace her feminine power in all it’s glory. The connection between Smith and Lydia is as visceral and soul-deep as ever, and, in fact, it feels as if they’d reached an even greater level of intimacy in the two years that had passed since “Knight” ended. And, of course, my heart went out for poor lovelorn Dex and whet my appetite for when he eventually gets his own story.

So if you have a hankering to get swept off your feet yet again by Lydia, Smith and the lovable Impossible crew, Decadent Knights promises to make all your wishes come true!









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