Review- Impossible girl by Kyleen neuhold

Three star review! 
I liked this story. it has a lot of potential but just slightly missed the mark. The main characters were good though Remy was sightly over dramatic at times and then under dramatic when you’d expect her to be. I found the ending predictable but still sweet. Though I expected Remy to freak out a little more then she did. Some of the detail sentences were repetitive which could be easily fixed. Such as, “I felt the ripples of my orgasm as it rippled through me.” also, the story line was a little hard to follow at times as I felt it jumped around really fast. some of the chapters flow from one point of view to the other with no indication that it’s happening. Overall, I felt the story line was good but could just use some tweaking. I will probably be going back and reading the other two books that can’t before this as I do feel this author has strong potential to write something great! Thank you for giving me the chance to review this book which I received from winning a giveaway#2OCCSM


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