Review- Axl by Riley Rollins

I  liked this book. It’s the First book I read by this author and it was different in a good way. With a lot of MC books, they are gritty and just crazy! (Lol) this was Gritty but in a different way. The MC was different then most clubs. I liked that the most. I felt like they were really sweet. As sweet as bikers could be. I laughed, I got the chills and my eyes watered while reading this book! 

The characters were great for each other. Holly was sweet and naive for the most part but still was able to step up and be stubborn and strong when she need to be. I stand attraction between Axl and Holly. It came off in waves and was not your typical attraction. I like how she was easy for him. Most of the time I need the heroine to give the hero a chance, while she did in some ways she still was….. easy is the only thing I could call it. I truly don’t blame her. Axl is yummy! 

The writing was great. It was detailed without being overdone or drowning on about every little detail. Some things that happened really surprised me! (Can’t tell you!) 

The plot and the characters were great. But I didn’t care for the dirty talk and some of the writing. The dialogue seemed forced and it wasn’t that well written. Also I saw time line inconsistency with this book. 

Overall it was a good read that was worth the time to read it. Check it out on Amazon—> Amazon



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