Review- Cassie’s Story By Sheryl Lee





5 stars out of 5

Cassie’s Story is the follow up book to Letters To Myself, a book that broke my heart.

Cassie’s Story healed my heart.

Though there is heartbreak and loss, this is not what the book is about.  This is a story of friendship and believing in yourself, of love and loss, and finally of new beginnings.

Cassie has learned to move on from her destructive relationship with Nathan with a little help from her friends Saffron and Matt.  As some relationships grow, some end.  We see Cassie learn about herself and how to cope with her past.  We never forget what has happened to us, we just learn from it and become a better person because of it.

Through my tears I sped through this story as fast as my eyes would move and I was surprised by how I reacted to this story.

The material was much easier to accept than Letters to Myself but there was so much more emotion written into every page that I could not help feeling as if I was there.

This was a strong and powerful story that I will carry with me for a long time to come.



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