Review – Roller Coaster Love By J.S. Wilsoncroft




3.5 stars

I enjoyed this story overall.

The heroine is strong at times but I did feel like she cried a lot and was slightly over dramatic at times. I understand it may be because of what happens in the book but I felt that sometimes they were too hot and cold.

I would’ve liked an easier transition into her realizing how she felt and why.

Rob is sexy and plays the role well.

The twist with his past was slightly downplayed. The heroine just blows it off by saying what’s in the past is in the past. If he was around my kids I don’t feel I’d react the same way. Especially with how overdramatic she was with other things. It’s mentioned that he’s an old soul but at times he felt really immature to me.

Story wise, it was good. It kept me interested. I did skip over some of the more detailed parts.

It ends on a cliffhanger and I’d like to know what happens to these characters.

Medical wise I think she needs to consult a nurse or doctor as some parts would never happen in real life.

This author has great potential and I look forward to seeing how the characters play out and grow as well as the authors writing.





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