Review – Remember When By RC Boldt






I’ve read the two previous books in the series and devoured them, This was no different..
Tate and Miller is a story I’ve been dying to read since Hard To Handle, it didn’t disappoint

Tate Donnelly and Miller Vaughn are pure hostile towards each other, it stems from their teenage/collage years when they were a couple, Nobody knows what happened between them, not even Tate and Miller..

This was such a fantastic read, it pulls you in from the start and you cannot let go, you have to keep reading, the pull is that great!
I love the twist of Tate and Millers love story… It was heartbreaking yet how they both dealt with it was incredible, I don’t think i could have handled it that well..

The whole gang was back, I love the gang… Lawson is so damn Funny, and I’m so glad that it’s his story up next!!

Great series and really greatly written, Congrats Mrs. Boldt you’ve done it again! You wrote an absolute Gem!!




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