Review – Dirty Little Rendezvous By Emma Hart



Holy F**king Sh*tting HOTNESS!!!

I Love Jase Masters!!!! Hot Brit is Right!!!

I Loved this book, It had every thing you want in a romance book..
Hot Rocker – Check,
Sassy Female – Check,
Sizzling Chemistry – check,
Amazing sex scenes – Check,
Cute little girl – check!!!

Jase, Oh My God!! He was cocky in a loveable way, He treated Leila like a princess the whole way through this book, he is awesome, He never let the fame get to him, he stayed grounded!!

Leila, she knows what the limelight can do to people, how it can affect lives, and she hates it.. She is a wild sassy independent woman who knows exactly how she wants things.. She is sarcastic and opinionated, She is Amazing.. I want to be Leila when I grow up!

The Relationship between Leila and Jase is amazingly refreshing, No angst or Lies between them just pure fun and friendship..

Has to be my favourite Burke Sibling Novel!!

Congrats Emma Hart on an amazing series and a fitting end!!









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