Review! Restitution by Georgia Payne

It’s hard to go into detail with this book being that it was the third book in the series but I really feel that the author’s writing has gotten stronger. Being her third book with these characters, she had a better feel for them and I for one think she did an awesome job! 

Jason was the same Jason, he could still be an ass but you can feel his feelings for Dee. He was a great dad and really cared about keeping his family together.

Dee was how she’s been but you could see how much she has changed from book one. And it’s not about how she changed but how she carried herself. She was a good mom and tried to better herself while dealing with everything going on.

The plot was Jason and Dee working towards resolving everything so that they could get their happy ending! Like most relationships it wasn’t easy. But they got the happy ending. They really deserved it. 

Overall this was An awesome book with a couple that has ups and downs like a lot of people. I am so glad they got their happy ending! I’m sorry it was so vague, but read the other books and you will understand why! Get it below, and don’t forget to check out the first two books! My reviews are below! 


Book 1<—-Review

Book 2<—-Review


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