Take You Apart by T.J. Spade

5 stars out of 5

Holy crap on a cracker, this was amazing.  From the first page to the last I was engrossed.  A fast paced thrilling mystery that grips you with a great story and doesn’t let you go.  This is something that should be haunting my dreams later tonight, it’s a perfect depiction of human depravity and psychotic tendencies.  Watch out, I think we may have discovered a new Jeffrey Deaver.

Caleb has a special talent that leads him to be a major asset to the local Police Department’s Homicide Division.  Dealing with a tragic childhood that has haunted him since he was eleven, he learns to trust very few people, but those he does trust, he would die for.  Jack, a young Homicide Detective meets Caleb on his very first homicide case and learns his true talents.  They become friends and solve several cases together until a killer stalks Caleb and targets him in a demented game of cat and mouse.  Nobody is safe until Caleb can learn to control his gift and find the person toying with them.

This is an amazing debut novel that I found to be complex without being too technical.  This is also a story of people, how we don’t really know anyone and that anyone can be a surprise, good or bad.  There were so many intricate details that I had to go back and reread just to catch all of it.  I can guarantee that I will be reading this book again in the future and I will tell everyone I know that they should read this book.



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