Review~ Ramsey by Juliana Conners

3.5 stars 

While this was my first book by this author I was pleasantly surprised. This story has a little bit of everything. You get secret pregnancy, military hotties, a group of brothers that are close, and a romance to swoon over. 

The characters were great. There are brother to Ramsey that I really want to read their stories. They were a great group that were close and loved each other. Monica comes in and throws the Hero for a loop, it was super funny. Both leads were strong, dedicated and stubborn, in the best way. 

The plot, as I said above we get a great story intertwined. It worked super well. I have to say the things I didn’t like were the dirty talk, the words made me laugh more then anything, and that towards the end it went too fast. I felt the author could have gave more detail about the pregnancy or with Ramsey in the military. 

Overall it was a good book. I will be going back and reading the other book in the series. Starting in the third book, I didn’t feel lost, I felt the pull to read the first two books.



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