Review – Too Hot To Handle By Tessa Bailey





I adore Tessa Bailey’s books.. Too Hot To Handle was another one to add to the list..

It was funny, Sexy with a dose of seriousness all mixed in one awesome book!!

Rita Clarkson is Lost, She doesn’t know what to do with her life.. After a couple of incidents, she doesn’t know here her life is headed or where she’s going to go! so With her dead mother’s notebook in hand she decides she wants to fulfil her dead mother’s wishes, that her and her siblings go to New York and jump into new York’s Ocean, So They begin the road trip, and end up stranded in New Mexico, Where Rita’s Life takes a dramatic turn…

Jasper Ellis, The dirty talking Bar owner comes to the Clarkson’s rescue.. Jasper has finally decided what he wants in life, he wants to be respected and his restaurants opening day soon approaches, He knows Rita Clarkson is going to upend his life. He talks dirty and it is soooo good!! Jasper tries his best to hide what he feels.

I Loved Jasper, He was everything you want in a hero, he’s funny and smart bout vulnerable at the same time, He was the one with the mixed signals, and poor Rita was very confused..

The siblings are all different.. You have the baby of the Family Peggy, she seems Flaky but a good time, she seems to have a good heart.. Next up is Aaron, He’s a politician, All is not what it seems with him I think.. And Belmont the oldest.. My heart hearts for him, he is a wounded soul..

I can’t wait for the rest of the siblings books to come out so i can get to know them more..





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