Review – Toward The Sound Of Chaos By Carmen Jenner






Wow…. I’m Currently experiencing a book hangover.. Did not want this book to end.

Jake Tucker, The physically and mentally scarred marine, My Heart hurt for him, The hurt he experienced, Knowing that so many men and women have been through the same is heartbreaking..

Ellie Mason.. The woman is amazing, She show what its like to live with a child that has a disability and how much of a struggle even the slightest bit of can can be, But to do it as a single mum, Its amazing..

I loved Ellie, she is such a strong character, Knowing that the man you love is broken on the inside, and nothing you can do to help him, has to hurt, it has to kill you, But Ellie, she does what she has to, To have them all have the life they deserve..

Spencer, Oh darling little Spencer, he is so Amazing, What he says to Jake, the reason why he wants to learn to fight, Oh My, I cried a little, I cried for that little boy, Knowing that the little boy is going to grow into such an amazing young man..

This book, It shows us the struggles a single mum to a disabled child has to deal with, It shows us how upsetting a disabled child can get with a little change to there routine, It shows the struggles a marine with PTSD has, It shows that even with all this, There is love, That yes love helps everything, that love is there to help you get through the day, But ultimately help, Help is what they need..

I Loved this book, It has had such a profound effect on me, I didn’t want to put it down, I didn’t want the story of Jake, Ellie and Spencer to end… I really gained such an insight to the struggles people have to deal with, and how amazing parents to disabled children are, How Inspiring military people who receive help for their PTSD are, How they inspire other people to greatness..

So Thank You Carmen Jenner, For a truly Inspiring Story!!





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