Review – Beautiful Broken Girl By Rachael Tonks





The story kept me intrigued and wanting to know what was going to happen.

From the reviews I read I knew it was something bad and a cliffhanger.

I was anxious to learn kennedys back story and what had happened to her. Cole is definitely attractive but his attitude sucks. He goes from hot to cold and jumps to conclusions way to easily. I understand he’s young and still in high school but he gets angry and punches walls way too much for my liking. Also, what he did with Dennis isn’t something a normal person would do. Sure we’ve thought about it but usually you don’t actually do it. So getting to the main character Ken.

I could tell throughout the book that author wanted her to be strong and I did get that coming through, but at times I fell like she took it too far. Her back story was much more harsh then how she acted. I couldn’t find it believable with what happened to her that she would fall in love with the first boy she saw. She turned over to a normal teenager way to fast. In the short glimpses of her past you could see how she was then. It was like as soon as she was away none of that was part of her anymore. For someone who had it imbedded into her every being all her life I think it would’ve been more believable to see her struggle with her new reality. It seemed to me she was just going with the normal teenage problems.

I am excited to see how her character is in this next book though and I’m hoping the author can pull of the two personalities she has showed us in this one. I love Jocelyns character but her husband, at this point, seems like a complete jerk. I know there’s probably a story but at this time we don’t have that. At one point it says something about him having a case but she never directly states what either of Coles parents do for a living. At times, I felt the descriptions were a bit long and I did skip over them. Overload, the story was there and the characters were well rounded. I fell like some parts could just be a bit more believable.

I am anxiously awaiting the second book to read. This author has great potential and I am truly invested in the story.


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