Review – Flying Blind By Caroline A Gill





If you want a book that shatters all illusions about flies, this is it.

Iolani pulls people to the safety of her farm home through the flies’ vortex, away from the soul snatchers.

In this book the soul snatchers use tornadoes, hurricanes and destruction to lure people into their vans, promising them help, only to steal their souls and their lives with the glowing green lanterns.
After being betrayed, the farmhouse is attacked, and Iolani ends up locked away with not even the flies to help her.

After a series of events, including the death of a loved one and the awful betrayal of another, Iolani bumps into Cheesie (who I simply adore!) and recovers.

She sets out on her own to try, once again, to stop the soul snatchers.

I want to shout from the rooftops what happens next but I really don’t want to ruin the book..

Again, this book shows the magic between a young girl and house flies, I said this after the first book but, I seriously can not believe how much I loved a book about flies!

The creative, descriptive, incredible writing really makes me believe in everything this book tells.
Once again I became so enthralled with this book, I didn’t put it down.

5 stars (yet again) very well deserved!





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