Review – Scattered Pieces By Allie Able




Such A Beautifully written Debut Novel.

This is the debut Novel of Allie Able, and it is absolutely stunning. The story starts off with such an impact and it really doesn’t stop impacting on you. This book is so sweet yet so devastating at the same time. It shows you what you can achieve when you have the strength..

Summer Foster endured six very long years of abuse, But she made it out alive, she grew and she built on her dreams and made them come true, It is truly inspiring to those women who are survivors, who do survive there abusive partners, That dreams can come true, you just got to have faith and believe..
Yes summer still has some emotional scars she is still coming to terms with, and i love her even more that she knows she isn’t fully healed.

Grant Hamilton is a recently discharged Marine, coming home after his years of service, I love Grant for Summer, he is so sweet and so caring, he doesn’t rush her and he knew that something was wrong with her and always tried to be there for her.. He really did love Summer.

The side characters were brilliant, And I can’t wait to read the next book…




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