Review~Night Fires by DH Sidebottom

I have read a lot of this author’s book, while they all played havoc on my head and my mind this one broke me. The intensity of the plot, the awesomeness of the characters, makes this one book that you don’t want to miss! 

Both haunted by their past, they move forward together. It’s not without it’s drama, but the story between these two is is powerful your not sure how you want to react. The story kept me hooked the whole time, I read it in one sitting because I had to know what was going to happen. That’s want you want in a book, one that pulls at every string in your body to keep moving forward! I felt so many emotions while reading this book, laughter, anger, hope, terrified, but by the end of the book I was full of so much warmth I couldn’t help but smile. The way this author made me cry, within the first 35%, I knew this would be a book that people NEED to read! 

Overall this book is one that will steal your heart, make you laugh, make you want to cry and you will bow down to this author once you are done. Read this book! You won’t be sorry



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