Review~ The Haunting of Sunshine Girl by Paige McKenzie

4 stars out of 5

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl is a debut novel that packs a punch.  I was surprised at the rating of this book.  It is slated for middle school age and to be honest, I was scared for a bit reading it.  I got so into it that I heard a noise in my house and I almost crawled out of my skin.  I was very jumpy, and I read a lot of scary books.  I am fully in love with this book and therefore the series.

Sunshine is a special girl with an ability that she knows nothing about and has to figure out quickly. With the help of her friend, she will need to figure out who she is in order to save her mother and quite possibly everyone around her.

This was cute without being syrupy; it was tense without being cliche. It’s a different take on the ghost story that has great potential. I liked that it was different without being outlandish. It wasn’t trying to be something it isn’t, quite like Sunshine herself. I felt that the story was trying to tell the reader just that, be you. It’s quite nice in a time when we see the opposite everywhere we look. I would recommend this book to anyone that will listen. It’s a fun read that I look forward to following up on. Now, on to book two.



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