Review~ Sugar Daddy by Sawyer Bennett

When you read the title you think one thing and for the most part you’re right, but this book is so much more then that. This book opens you up to a whole new world you didn’t know could exist. This book flowed perfectly from one scene to the next, the writing was done amazingly and leaves you wanting more. 

The characters are amazing, but at the same time your heart will break for the heroine. She does everything for a reason and you will be on the edge of your seat trying to see what happens. The hero, I felt was a pawn in the whole thing, or is he? He was the perfect mix of sexy and nerd and you just love him despite his friends. This book ended with a cliffhanger and you will go crazy until the next one is out.

This author has wrote some of my favorite books and this one was not a let down! I can’t wait to see what happens in the 2 books to come! There are some darker tones to think book and possible triggers, but they way they were handled I felt it was respectful and clear. Don’t miss out on the start of this awesome series! 



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