2 One Click Chicks Picks From January – April 2016

Alice’s Picks: 


Pursuing Carrie By Jenn Hype:

carrie I love the love story between Carrie and Joe, watching them fall for each other and all the obstacles they put in their Own way!

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Logan Kade By  Tijan:

log I was so pleased when this came out, it was amazing to see inside Logan’s head, watch him fall in love and settle down!

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The consequence of Seduction By Rachel Van Dyken:

cons This book is completely ridiculous and hilarious in the very best way possible!

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Advance By K A Duggsy:

3 I don’t normally like time travel books but this blew my mind.

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Think you know me By  Tricia Copeland:

tr Raw, emotional and real.. There are no other words to describe it.

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Jessica’s Picks:


Unseen Messages by Pepper Winters:

pep This book will make you wonder if you have what it takes to survive, full of heart break, adventure and shock, this is a book to not be missed!

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The Mother Road by Meghan Quinn: 

Mother pee your pants funny! This book is full of laugh out loud moment, but a deep understory!

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Pressing Adalyn by Jenn Hype:

Press This book will make you wonder why you never gave this talented author a chance before! Full of heart and humor, this book has it all!

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Midnight Lily by Mia Sheridan:

mid This book will make you wonder what’s true and what’s all in our heads!

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Fighting solitude by Aly Martinez:

figh This book will break your heart, put it back together and make you believe in the power of true love.

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Kerry’s Picks:

Scattered Pieces By Allie Able:

Sc I have re-read this book since its February release..  It had me pulled in from the start and I could not put it down!!


Amazon Link


Ryder by L.A Casey:

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00075] This is My all time favourite Slater Brother book.. I loved this book and have re-read it twice since it has been released!


Amazon Link


Living With Regret by Riann C. Miller:

ria This was the very first novel i read of Riann’s I loved it so much that within the space of a week I read Riann’s other two book she has released.


Amazon Link


Tied Bond By Emma Hart:

Tied I absolutely adore Emma Hart’s work, Holly Wood Files is my Fav series of hers, I Love Drake and Noelle, This has been so far the best book for me as we see a different side to Noelle..


Amazon Link


Sebring by Kristen Ashley:

Se.jpg This was a really highly anticipated read for me, As we first met Nick in Knight, which was my first KA book, This was Nick’s redemption, He earned it, and i feel so hard for him!!


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Stefanie’s Picks:


Second First Chance by Blakely Bennett:

Sec This is a beautiful story of what happens when you don’t give up on true love.

Amazon Link



That One Moment by Amy Daws:

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00009] A tale of self forgiveness and acceptance that reassured me that flaws are beautiful.

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The Chosen Knights by Mary Ting:

mar A fantastic story that took me to another world, one of angels and demons, and where everyone can be a hero.

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Eerie by C.M. McCoy:

Eerie A new take on the paranormal story with interesting characters that make you cheer, laugh, and cry at the same time.

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Finally Unbroken by Maria MacDonald:

fi This story broke my heart, it’s a story of how far anyone would go for the person they love.

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GE Picks:

The Wall Of Winnipeg And Me by Mariana Zapata:


Amazon Link



Aced by K.Bromberg:


Amazon Link


Impact by K.A. Sterritt:


Amazon Link


Unseen Messages by Pepper Winters:



Amazon Link


The Player and the Pixie by L.H Cosway and Penny Reid:


Amazon Link



TDZ Picks:


Timeless series by El Todd:


Amazon Link


Last Mile by Katie Ashley:


Amazon Link


Forever Lost by Melody Anne:


Amazon Link


One With you by Sylvia Day:


Amazon Link


Lightning by Sandi Lynn:


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