Review – Saturday By E.L Todd





Yay we get to see how Kyle goes in this book, to see if he can find love.

Kyle can’t seem to find love since Francesca left him, he has only had one night stands or a week relationships til he gets bored and he leaves them. But that was until he goes on a blind date.

Rose has had an experience that no one should go through and she trusts no one especially men. But she goes with her friend on a blind date and she meets Kyle and gets a feeling of being secure with him.

Kyle tries to get her to go out with him but she won’t because of what happened to her. She never tells Kyle the secret she has.

Kyle has taken a case but when he sees that case he finds out what Rose has kept from him. But he never tells her that he knows.

Everything is going great until she finds out that he knows her secrets and she can’t trust him no more.

This has a cliffhanger but I have been loving the series, can’t get enough.







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