Duel Review for Yeah Baby Series, books 1&2

Baby your mine

This was a cute story, I was really surprise how well I could get into the story. I’m not one for novellas because I usually feel like things are unresolved, but with this was it didn’t feel that way. Every base in the plot was covered yeah.

Loved the characters! Wyatt and Bailey were great together and have an amazing way of steaming up your reading device. It was amazing! They were great for each other. I loved how excited Wyatt was about Bailey, it was sweet but he was a total alpha! 

Overall this was an awesome story! I would love to see what she could do with a full length Nobel. I would definitely recommend this to others! 4 stars

Book 2 Review

Baby Steps Review

This is the second book to the yeah baby series and it was really cute. I didn’t care for it as much as the first one but it was super bad.

The hero was a huge meany head. In simple terms. Lucas could be yummy at times but most of the time he was just rude and arrogant. By the end I liked him but didn’t love him. Jade needed to go to a backbone. I really liked her but wish that she had stood up to Lucas more. 

Overall the plot was what I was looking for, it had hot sex, I just wanted the heroine to be stronger and the hero to be less rude. It was a good addition to the series, 



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