Review – Hold You Against Me By Skye Warren






Oh My God.. Gio!!

Wow, where to start? The amazing plot? The outstanding writing? Or the fantastic Characters?

The plot… wow, it blew me away, this storyline had me gripped from the get go and never let go… it was truly outstanding..

The outstanding writing? Skye managed to let us feel as though we were part of Gio and Clara’s world..

The characters, The life Clara grew up in, the neglect and abuse she suffered, yet she is this amazingly strong character, I loved her!

Gio, oh Gio, my heart broke for him and what he suffered! He is a hard man. Yet, This hard, cold man, has the softest heart for those he loves!!

The romance of the story adds a layer to such a phenomenal dark read…

Love, Love, Love this book!!

I urge everyone who loves Mafia romances, or Dark Romances, to read this book, you will not be disappointed!






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