Review – Other Side Of Someday





The other side of someday is a romantic comedy written by T.K.Leigh. This was the first book I have read of T.K.Leigh and loved the book from the very start. I was quite surprised finding out this was the first romantic comedy that T.K.Leigh has done because how well the book was written. The book was a romantic comedy and had the right amount of romance and comedy throughout it.

The book captured me from the first moment I started reading the book and was in tears from laughter throughout it. The other side of Someday was a great book to read and I fell in love with all the characters in the book. All characters had their own personalities that all mixed well together. The main character of the book Baylee was a strong character that I loved straight away. She had a way about her that you couldn’t help but laugh at her antics that she got up to. The other main character Sebby had me swooning for him from the start with his humour and charming ways.

 The Other side of Someday is one of those books that you cannot put done once you start reading it.



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