Review – Beaten By Rebekah Rue





Rebekah Rue is a new to me author, and after reading this book, I can’t wait for whatever she writes next. Lo is a sweet girl, who has an unfortunate run in with a douche bag boy. She lets it get her down until she meets her new BFF Maggie who teaches her not to take anyone’s crap. Finally, out of high school she finds her first love, and learns to live a little outside of the strict rules her parents have set until one tragic night takes it all away.
Ready to put the past where it belongs, Lo takes off for a new life in Florida with Maggie. Only things don’t go as planned when she catches the interest of a hot man whore named Talon. Friends only, that’s the rule but things get messy when feelings develop.
Just when everything seems to be going right between Lo and Talon she does the worst thing imaginable, and it makes me want to reach in my kindle and strangle her!
This book is a heck of a ride, and I did not see that ending coming! Read it, and find out what I’m rambling on about. lol

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