Review~ Interference By Sophia Henry

I totally understand the title after reading this book, not only does it have to do with sports but it works well with the plot. I enjoyed the first two books of this series and I really wanted to like this one but I felt it lacked in areas.

The characters were really great. I love them together. They fit each other really well and were complementary of each other’s personalities. I love the dialogue a lot! Linden was a great heroine that you can really feel your self connecting with. Jason was just too cute for words, I loved him from the start.

The plot was Interesting, I really like the different spins that were put in. With that being said I just felt like something was missing. The sports aspect lacked a lot when I was hoping it would be like the others. There were some pointless misunderstandings that took place and it annoyed me. Tim, he was an unwelcome addition that even tho he was needed that he was a pointless characters 

Overall it was a cute read, I would recommend it to others, but don’t go in thinking it will be like the other books. The plot and relationships are worth reading this book. 3.5 stars because it was a pretty good read 



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