Review~ Wanted by Kelly Elliott

This is such a feel good story! I laughed and cried and also swore out loud at some of the characters. My heart broke and then This author was able to put it back together! 

The plot broke me. I don’t want to go into detail because I don’t want to spoil but you learn right at the start what it is. It carry on throughout the whole story and it hinders the heroine’s ability to have a real functioning relationship. By the end, it was a beautiful journey and you are so glad that you too it.

The hero and heroine are amazing. Elle and Gunner (Drew) are so perfect for each other. It was instant attraction between the two and while they have to work for, you can feel Everything. Gunner was the type of book boyfriend that you swoon all over thru the whole book. He was perfect. 

I loved all the secondary characters and you will too. Ol this is an amazing story that I feel Everyone should read. It is beautiful and eye opening. You will root for the heroin to overcome all past experiences and when she does you will feel warm all over. Total 5 star read! Get this book now! 



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