Review~Match This by MJ Fields

4 stars out of 5

This is a very light and easy story that made me very happy that I don’t have to do the whole internet dating thing. It almost reads like a warning to anyone about to take part in what is becoming a very popular way of meeting people. If these stories are true, then wow, that’s scary. It was a funny intro, for me, to her style of books and I am definitely interested in seeing what happens next with Carrie and Kat. 

Though this definitely ended in a tease, I put the book down thoroughly entertained. I laughed out loud at some of the comments that I am assuming are not too far fetched and I definitely cringed as well. So skeevy. The chemistry was palpable between Ricco and Kat though I do wish that I learned more about him. I hope that changes in the next book.

I do not personally know anyone who has had these experiences, but I know they happen. I thank MJ Fields for writing it for me and I look forward to reading more. 



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