Review~No Direction Home by Jude Willhoff

This was a beautiful story. I almost didn’t read it but the plot of a man out of prison had me intrigued. Oh man I’m glad that I did! This book had me clued to my device from start to finish. 

Grace has struggles that are real and very hard. She loses everything but slowly overcomes things and finds her happiness on a beautiful ranch owned by her family. I really liked how she fought for the things she wanted, even with the pain that she is always in. 

Seth was so swoony! I loved everything about him. His hardships while they were AS hard as grace, he had his own struggles to overcome. I could picture him, being how he was and it was awesome to see! Just total swoon! 

Overall I love everything that the charters had to go through. Yes it was really hard at times but sometimes it’s worth the work, grace and Seth show that I was truly worth all the work I really liked this book and will read more from the author in the future! 4 stars



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