Review~ Holding Out For Forever by Vera Quinn

This will be a hard review to write because of the fact that it has a lot to do with the first two books. We just get a different side to the story. We get the president’s story and it is one to not miss!

We get Chief’s side of the story in the first half of this book. I loved being able to be in his head and learn and see how he felt about everything.

We see how his relationships work weather it it is with his brother’s, daughter or women. He gets shocked a lot in this book and I can say I was shocked a few times too.

This book was full of a lot of stuff, people we really don’t like and people we learn to love. Tragedy will strike over and over, and you will wonder how they make it with happy endings, but they do!

Overall you need to read this books 1&2 before reading this, my reviews are here—>Never Forever & Catching Forever

This is not one to be missed and I can’t wait for the next book! It will be Tazers book! I’m excited! Overall 4 stars!


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