Review~ Ramsey by Mia Sheridan

Wow, I went into this not knowing what to expect and I was not disappointed! This author has a way of opening you up emotionally and not letting you go and this –book was no different.

This is a second chance romance and a hate to love type read. We get to see the past and the present and the inbetween.

The characters were strong willed and great. I like how Borgan changed slowly before he really realized things. Yes he was a butt most of the first half but we really understand why.

Lydia, she was also great. She may have been a spoiled rich girl but I never truly felt like she thought she had been better than others. She was humble and I didn’t feel that money was something that truly made her happy.

I really disliked that a simple misunderstanding and a mean brother let stay apart of so long but it added to this story.
This is a book about revenge and forgiveness love and lust and overcoming your past, it was beautifully written! Check this book out! You won’t be sorry!
4.5 stars


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