Review~ My Commander by Alanea Alder

I loved this book! It is full of everything you want in a paranormal romance! Steam, action, humor, alpha male, and feisty heroine!
This book is everything you will want and more! I really loved some of the movie references.

Aiden was a great hero! He was sweet but at the same time he was hard. He is this type of alpha that at times you really wonder what made him do the things he does but then he shows you his real side! He blushes!!!!! . I loved him!

The heroine was so feisty and funny! Two words (First Meeting)! It was so funny. While she was a little naive she was amazing and strong throughout the book!

All the characters were so different that were part of this close group but you spend the whole time excited that we will get their books. From shifters to witches we love them all!

My parting words, the store scene had me to the point that I had tears down my face from laughing so hard! This book is not one to miss! Get it now! There are the first 6 out now!


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