Review~ My Healer by Alanea Alder

This book had me in happy tears by 10%, it was so beautiful how things can happen. I have to say this is on top for my favorites. It didn’t let me down with the humor, and fed my heart with the joy it makes your feel.

I have been looking forward to Colton’s book from the start. He’s the flirt, the funny one that always trying to make everyone laugh and a wolf shifter, amazing combo, and he stole my heart! He was so accepting of everything that had to do with him mate and her daughter I just loved it! 

Rheia was amazing, even tho she was human she knew all about the paranormal stuff because of her up bring. I love how she while worried was open to makes. She was very helpful to the household. Her daughter penny has to be one of my favorite characters in this series. She brought out something in these men that you have to see! 

All the secondary characters bring something to these books that’s really hard to explain. This is a group that is a close knit family and we are take on the journey that they embark on.
The plot is getting more intense, it’s coming together beautifully and when you read it will will want to move to the next book. I love how even tho I’m 3 books in I’m not bored. I can think of one series that is a little like this and I got bored trying to keep up with the plot and I’m so glad this series keeps me hooked! 

I can’t wait to see who’s books next! There are many to come and I’m sure they will all be as amazing as the first three books! Hurry up and get these book. You won’t be sorry. 



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