5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I read this book as it was recommended by a friend, at first I was a bit sceptical thinking it has magic, it was at a school, Harry Potter spring to mind.. However, after the first chapter I was hooked, like seriously hooked.. I read this book (and all the others) in a few days.. Let’s just say my washing basket was overflowing and my house was a complete mess by the time I had finished. Everything in my life took a backseat until I had finished reading.

I love Lily.. For me, she was my absolute favourite, I loved watching her grow into her own person, overcoming her fears, watching her friendships blossom like a beautiful Rose.

Normally I find the first book of a series a little tiresome, I have to really make myself read it to get to the good bits, not King Hall! Although this book is an introduction into the prodigies’ lives, it is brilliant, it set the foundation for an incredible series. I love the characters interactions, I love the paranormal/fantasy feel of the book… 

I think the friendship between, Lily, Ezra, Jack and Pearl is extraordinary. The way they basically tell the Kings to stick it, and still stay close. The way they stick up for each other, the way they obviously love and care for each other.

The writing is seriously great, the imagination Scarlett Dawn must have is genius! This book kept me wanting more all the way through. I thoroughly enjoyed it. If I could give this more than 5 stars I definitely would! I’ll be recommending this series to everyone!



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