Review~Unexpected  Reality by Kaylee Ryan 

This book took me for a ride! I felt everything in which a short time frame! When we start if we find laughter then move to steam. From the steam we become sad, and wonder at every turn of the page! Then we are shocked and joyful yet still fearful at the same time. Then the author takes us to hope and acceptance just to rip out hearts out! That is how I felt the first half of this book! I love this author so I didn’t read the blurb and maybe the blurb would have told me but reading it, gutted me, but we are able to move on.

The characters were amazing and I expected nothing less from Kaylee. Being a parent you are able to identity with the hero and all the worries and errors he made. It was awesome to see. I love how the heroine was there for him anytime he needed it, she had her own baggage yet it didn’t keep her away too long.

Ridge was yummy that’s all that I can truly say, he is why dads are so sexy when they hold a baby! The cover is just a perfect representation of Ridge. Kendall was great. I was able to feel for her at the end, but she was so strong through the whole book it was nice (for a lack of better words) to see her break.

The plot gutted me at the start, if you count tell! I was able to bounce back and keep flipping the pages. I was up late before I was finally able to fall asleep. THAT ENDING, that’s how I will leave it, keep you guessing til the end. That why I love this authors writing, she is able to keep you in that place where you second guess every path they take!

I am so glad that the drama and sadness was at the start and we were uplifted after that. I’m not saying that you don’t get the feels from the rest of the book, because I still had tears, but the start was the hardest, and the rest was Ridge getting his happy ending.

Overall this was an amazing read! It gives you hope that everything truly does happen for a reason and sometimes those reasons don’t come to light til later. I hope we get more from the Hero’s co-workers/best friends, they were an amazing addition to this story! 4.5 stars! #2OCCJD


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