Review~ American Bad Boy by Eddie Cleveland 

I’m going to be honest and stay that this book took me a while to get into. Maybe because this is a new to me author and I had to get use to the writing, I’m not sure. That being said it didn’t make it bad, just it was very detailed without the detail.

I really enjoyed Mack, he has to have been my favorite, not just because he was a hero, but because he never gave up. I respect people that are in his situation, even if it wasn’t military, that don’t get up. It’s great to see.

The heroine Lauren, I feel that the choices he made were for the benefits people in the long run, I felt that she should have made other choices. She was like able, a great mom when things happened, and overall I did like her.

The plot was awesome, disabled vet, second chance romance, two Things I love! And there is something that Pops up and makes the plot an all Around winner in my book. I did feel that things were too easily forgiven, but for the quickness of the book it needed to be that way.

So overall I’m going with 4 stars because the plot was amazing, and I loved the hero. If you looking for a quick read, an awesome hero and a great plot this book is for you! #2OCCJD


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