Review~ Ten by Ker Dukey

Ok so I have read other books by this author and have never been disappointed. She has a way of making you feel, whether you cringe, have tears, or keep wondering every step of the way, this author will do that.

In my opinion this is a little different then this author’s other books that I’ve read, not as twisted you could say, but it was as still as amazing as all her other books. Some parts were messed up, but not too bad.

The characters were fresh and relatable. Just like any book and characters you can find little things wrong, but the little things with these characters weren’t that bad. I felt that they were truly soul mates. It took them half the book to get over misunderstandings but they finally do. Ten was hard from things that happened and Alex was though and confused.

 Now if you want to skip the gruesomeness skip chapter 34. That is the worst part of the book, I cringed, but it needed to be in the book. But if you want to skip it I feel that you can

5 star read from beginning to end. I love how the author made the past in a different color. It helped with the flow. This book made me laugh, cry and cringe, but overall it was so amazing! I can’t wait to read Six!!!! #2OCCJD


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