Review~ Bonded By Nicky Charles

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I enjoyed this book for the most part. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it but never too the dive until now and I am so upset that I hadn’t. This is a mix of second chance, love/hate and paranormal all mixed into one phenomenal book.

Both main characters were very stubborn and at times it really irritated me. I sit here trying to figure out a real reason why thy just wouldn’t give in and I couldn’t find one other then they were both stubborn. That got in my nerves a lot.

Reno wasn’t a bad hero just had his head up his but for half the book. Wouldn’t listen to his house bent wolf and accept things. I’m ran, it was a little understandable but at the same time it’s not. I like how once he have give in it was all in.

Brandi is on my bad side. She took choices away from mark and it was all due to her pride and being scared. So much time passed and she was hurting herself not him. I hated it. Other then that she was a very strong woman who didn’t need to rely on a man even tho it would have helped if she did.

The plot was gripping and kept me interested from the start. The start was a little fast paced but then it leveled off as we watch these two stubborn characters fight what they feel for each other. While it was was funny to watch then hate each other it was also annoying but it didn’t stop me from reading.

Overall it was a compelling read that had me reading and not stopping. I really wanted to give it five stars because of the plot but I could only give it four stars because of how annoyed the characters made me. Also it felt like it dragged on but at the same time it didn’t, it’s a really long book. I will read more books in the series, I’m really interested in some of the other characters. #2OCCJD


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