Review~ Dirty Works by Amanda Heger, Harper St. George and Tara Wyatt

Dirty Work is an anthology of short stories written by Amanda Heger, Harper St. George and Tara Wyatt, it could be considered as contemporary romance about the Hennessys cousins so if you´re up for a good story about love and lost and nice guys this is the book for you. The first story – Uprooted by Amanda Heger- introduces us to Natalie and Chris (I love that name!) and of course Cormack the dog, I don´t like to spoil stories but this one is about love, forgiveness and home, yeah – home – because at the end home is where your heart is.

I´d wish it wouldn´t be so short, I liked the characters, the dog and the main theme but at the end I felt like some things were a bit rushed to fit in, I don´t know if the author was in a deadline or what but some things could have been written in a better way.

The second story is Revved by Harper St. George, this was my favorite, I loved the story, the characters, the sex was hot enough to a short story and the way the Rachel and Sage had a new beginning in their lives is something anybody can relate to, I´d definetely like to read more books of the author, these two first stories has something in common, they both are loved and lost, I guess it´s just the way life is. This one made me cry so hard I thought I´d dry myself but that´s the point, didn´t it? Crying so hard you feel relieved.

The third and last one is Nailed written by Tara Wyatt is about Charlie and Adam. It´ss really good but for me not as a good as the previous one, this time there´s no dogs or deaths in the picture but the feeling of rejection every one has experienced once or twice in a lifetime. It was a cute stories but not as emotionally strong as the second one.

The main thing I liked about the book is these characters are not damsels in distress or charming princes in a white horse, they are regular, blue collar people just like you and me. Not young 22 years old naive girls fresh out of college or handsome billionaires waiting to find the next lady willing to be tied up to a bed.


Dirty Work an anthology: Amanda Heger, Harper St. George and Tara Wyatt.


Rating 3.75/5


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