Review-Hard By Scott Hildreth

Hard  (Filthy F*ckers MC, #1)Hard by Scott Hildreth

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow! I didn’t think Scott’s books couldn’t make me cry like that and provoke tears but this one did me in! The dedication says it all and I believe is she read this book, she would message him a huge thank you! This is one that hit in a very tough subject but the way that Scott wrote it, was Beautiful and quite disturbing. Lol

The characters were hard! Just like theatre says. They have booth been they a lot but come out on the other side of the road. I enjoyed that a lot, their relationship didn’t move super fast, but at the same time they go through things most people don’t have to and stay strong despite that.

The plot was amazing. Parts were hard to read, some parts made tears roll down my face, some parts even made me cringe. But in the end the plot was solid and different than how I’ve seen others handle it.

Overall this was a great read! It’s not for The faint of heart and you shouldn’t go in thinking it’s going to be a fluffy fall in love live happily ever after type read. This touches one hard subjects and may be a trigger to some but the Author gives the characters justification. 4.5 stars! #2OCCJD

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