3.5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

ONE OF MY FAVOURITE SERIES EVER! I have read this trilogy like a Billion times! – Ok, that may be a slight exaggeration… At least 5 times!

Love love love these… Can I just say it again? I LOVE THESE BOOKS! I need more… PLEASE say that Aster will be getting her own book, or trilogy… Or just keep writing and writing about them..

Devin Cole is the epitome of hotness.. Like he is hot as Hale.. (If you’ve read this book you’ll understand what I’m saying!)

Every time I re read this book I keep shouting NOOOOO DON’T DO IT… But every single time it happens again… (Read this book to find out what I’m on about!) 

There’s LOADS of action, humour, love and betrayal in this book… It’s seriously amazing.

Have I said that I love this trilogy yet?? Because I do!! Soooo much drama!! So many times I had tears in my eyes! So many times I threw my kindle on the floor in a “huff”..

I need these on paperback! Like really really need them! 

I’ve already been recommending this series to everyone, it really is a must read! BUY IT NOW!!!


Sophie’s Secret (Whispers Book 1)


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