5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

HOLY SHITAKI MUSHROOMS!!! What is the name of this sorcery?!?! This book has bewitched me! – I could not and did not put it down… Except when I had to sleep.. I have 2 demons so… Yeah, I kinda needed some sleep.

I FLOVED this book! I cried like a baby.. WHY?!?! It wasn’t meant to happen.. But it did lead her down a different path.. A path of love.. Heartache, friendships, love and loss.

I LOVE the Harry Potter references! I laughed so hard at this as I am a Harry Potter nerd!

The fight!!! Oh my gosh!!! I’ve never laughed so much!! Dr McDouchey is a pink canoe!!

Sadie, she is spunky, funny, clumsy, loveable and I’m so much pain it’s heartbreaking.. I don’t think if I had gone through what she has, I’d be able to come out the other side.

Ben, he is Hot! He is kind, generous, gentle and loving.. Only he could show Sadie what she is missing by being alive but not living.

Leland is my ultimate favourite person EVER! We know the pain Sadie is going through, but kinda forget about how Leland has lost his brother.. At times when I thought about what he had lost I stopped reading just to think about him. He is so kind, he puts Sadie first, protective, gorgeous and just a genuinely lovely person!

Christmas trees! I love them and they always make me emotional, especially when they’re in a book I love!

Wow, near the end of the book they have the BEST.DATE.EVER. I cried! Tears of happiness for them… I could picture the date clear in my mind! I am smoking a lady cigar at the moment, hence all the tears!

I love that Christmas has a part to play in this book.. A big part… At the end… If you wanna know.. You gotta read it!!

Damn.. That epilogue, I cried. It’s perfect.

On a serious note, the writing is brilliant, the storyline is heartbreakingly beautiful and the characters are a force to be reckoned with.. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, from start to finish.

A definite must-read and a well deserved 5 stars.



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