5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This book has surpassed my every expectation! It’s my favourite one of the series! It is even more incredible than I thought it would be.

Kimberley Hatch just gets better and better with every book that she writes. She is definitely one of my favourite authors now, I’ll be one- clicking all of her books.

Jack and camille are my ultimate favourite!! Especially Jack! Gaaah he’s my dream man! A complete badass yet soft, kind, caring, protective and just amazing. I need him… Stat!

I did not want this book to end! I wish it had gone on forever, or at least another 100000 pages! 

I know that the series has now ended but I want to reach out to Ms. Hatch and shout WHERE ON EARTH IS LELAND’S BOOK!??? He is absolutely hilariously bonkers.. I love him!

This story will make you laugh, cry, smile and swoon! This is such a great book, you need to read it. 5 swoon worthy stars!



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