Review~ Three Wishes by Kristen Ashley

Three WishesThree Wishes by Kristen Ashley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is proof that the hero and heroine must embark on a journey that will make them stronger in the end! The twists and turns while filled with sadness helped these great characters prevail.

Nate and Lily have to be my favorite couple I’ve read by this author. They are so strong together that when they are apart nothing is right. Nate had his secrets, and while they weren’t total shock factor because we figure them out they still have the impact the author needed.

Lily broke my heart, she has lost so much yet is still going strong. Her dedication was that of beauty, because while she wanted to give up she never did. She was humble and bright and was perfect for Nate.

The plot was sort of paranormal as there was a guine, but it wasn’t because we don’t see much of that aspect, the secondary characters helped with the plot and the progression of the story, this book would have fell flat with out them all.

Overall another amazing read where the author was able to suck me in and I enjoyed my self. My only complaint was )and it not an issue) was that they were in the UK but they didn’t use UK terms: I didn’t feel like we were there, I couldn’t picture any accents, except the heroines. And they said she had a southern drawl, I didn’t know there was a drawl I’m Indiana. 4 stars #2OCCJD

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