Review~Savage by Kat Austen

SavageSavage by Kat Austen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow! This was a short read but packed full of a lot. I was I. Awe with how the author was able to pack in so much, make me feel so much in shush a short time. Just wow!

Jane was a great lead, I like how when she needed change, she took charge of her life and made that change, she didn’t need a man to help her she did it all on her own, even if it didn’t end the way she planed it too. Her bad luck streak changed in the most different way, and I personally loved it.

The hero was so sweet! Yes he is as the title says, a Savage, but it was more then that. He took care of Jane, she was his to take care of and he did such a fine job at it. I loved it.

The plot was a cast away type story and I found my self drawn in to the setting. The author did a great job with not going overboard on the details but they were still very interesting and I was able to picture it.

Overall this book was great. I was drawn in, and held on time for this wild ride. I will definitely read more from this author. My only complaint is, I wish it was longer. This is a theme that I really enjoy and never wanted it to end. 4 stars. #2OCCJD

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